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A Brief History of ‘Boobies’


Boobies have been around for about 150 years. Female breasts, of course, have been around much longer than that. But it’s this slang term for a woman’s bosom that is at the heart of a case that may be heading for the Supreme Court.

In 2010, two middle school students in Easton, Pa., defied their school’s ban on bracelets—meant to promote awareness of breast cancer—that said “I ♥ boobies!” After three years of legal battles over lewdness and free speech rights, the school district voted this week to appeal their so-far-losing case to the highest court in the land. And so it happens that Supreme Court Justices may find themselves focused on a word that has roots predating America.

According to Jonathon Green, a lexicographer who has published the most comprehensive dictionary of English slang to date, there are at least 212 synonyms for the female breast. Chugs. Wallopies…

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Teen Who Took Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini for Year-and-a-Half Joyride Found Guilty of Attempted Murder


The Internet chuckled when Guy Fieri testified Monday at the trial of a teen who stole his $200,000 Lamborghini for a year-and-a-half (the celebrity chef did decline taking off his assortment of rings and bangles while walking through the Marin County, Calif. courthouse, after all).

But things are more serious after a jury found 19-year-old Max Wade guilty not only of commercial burglary and auto theft, but also attempted murder and firing a gun into an occupied vehicle, the Associated Press reports.

Prosecutors said Wade rappelled into British Motors to steal the yellow Lambo in 2011 to impress a girl. In 2012, they said, Wade drove up to the girl’s love interest and shot at him. No injuries were sustained.

Wade is facing 30 years in jail. Two people already tried to free him from the Marin County juvenile hall with sledgehammers last year.


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Meet the People Who Design the Sexy Pizza Costume and Other Risqué Halloween Gear

Meet the people who design sexy Halloween gear



It was hotter than usual in the halls of lingerie turned sexy Halloween costume provider Yandy’s Phoenix-based office. CEO Chad Horstman had an idea for the popular e-retailer’s next barely-there endeavor, and his staff just wasn’t having it.

“I thought a sexy pizza costume was crazy,” said in-house design representative Pilar Quintana. “I don’t know if any girls want to go out with crust on her shoulders.”

But as the creator of the instantly iconic sexy watermelon costume (complete with midriff baring bite cutout), Horstman knew that the short costume with a cheesy yet seductive “v” and fashion forward crust shoulder pads (stuffed crust or regular? manufacturers tested both!) would be a hit.

“We were both on a diet at the time, so I said let’s make a bet,” he told TIME. If the $70 costume reached a certain sales number, Quintana would have to eat a whole large…

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