Jem cartoon intro

It has been a long time since any good cartoons have been on the air-almost everything sucks.I’m a child of the 1980’s and it seemed that cartoon were better then-the characters,stories,animation,etc,etc.For some cartoons pull you in-from the first notes of their opening theme music to their closing credits-and everything in-between.From Transformers and G.I. Joe to He-Man and Defenders of the Earth these cartoons have one thing in common-catchy theme songs,but one cartoon stands out on it’s own: Jem. A cartoon based on Mattel‘s doll of the same name,Jem is rock star who lives a secret double life-but I don’t care for that at all! The only thing I liked about the show was the opening theme, it is just catchy.I don’t know if it is the lyrics or the bassline that runs trough  the entire song but I like it. Here a video of the opening theme-judge for yourselves if it’s good or not. Enjoy!


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