Yaya Han as Neena Thurman (Domino)

Here are some cosplay photos of Yaya Han as the mercenary Domino.


Bath Time In St. Peterburg With Alternative Pin Up Girl Yana Sinner

Bath time in St. Petersburg with alternative pin up girl Yana Sinner

Sad Man's Tongue - Bar & Bistro - Prague

Inked Girl and Alternative Pin Up Yana Sinner (8) by Sad Man’s Tongue, Model Yana Sinner , Photographer M.Bulatova, Photo Shoot done for MatreshkaGirls.com

For those of you already making plans to head down to St. Petersburg, Florida hoping to catch a glimpse of the delightful Alternative Pin Up Girl Yana Sinner, you will need to change your spring break plans.

Yana is from St. Peterburg, Russia and far from the Florida sun. But don’t let that discourage you. Yana is an internationally published model not just in Russian publications but US publications as well, such as Outlaw Kittens Magazine and
Cat’s Meow Magazine. So you don’t even have to leave the house. Of course for those of you living in Europe, you now have a whole other reason to head over there besides the historical city and its many museums.

Besides her modelling Yana is a Burlesque performer, having won Miss Burlesque Russia in 2012,  and has…

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The Magical Cabin Of Pin Ups and Billiards by Maurizio Marcato

The magical cabin of pin ups and billiards by Maurizio Marcato

Sad Man's Tongue - Bar & Bistro - Prague

PIN ART - PIN-UP, BEER e BILIARDS by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Maurizio Marcato of Mauriziomarcato.com

Not far outside Verona, Italy and just a little past San Giovanni Lupatoto there is a magical place. A place where you can play a game of billiards surrounded by beautiful Italian Pin Up Girls in the warmth of a cabin fireplace safe from the cold and snow. During this magical time the spirits of Gil Elvgren and Art Frahm  lurk in the background as our fair pin up girls find themselves in precarious situations.

717561730Accidents, perhaps caused by the spirits, find our lovely ladies with dresses getting snagged and lifting themselves up. Some have their pink panties falling down for no reason, clearly the ghost of Frham is causing this.  Despite these minor distractions those lucky enough to be able to shoot a game or two of billiards continue with their merry game in an Italian Paradise. We are…

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SF police indictment: Six San Francisco cops violated rights, stole and sold pot – Long Island Top News | Examiner.com

SF police indictment: Six San Francisco cops violated rights, stole and sold pot – Long Island Top News | Examiner.com.