Amazing X-Men #12 – World War Wendigo! Conclusion (Issue)

Amazing X-Men #12 – World War Wendigo! Conclusion (Issue).


Marvel Comics Review: Amazing X-Men #6 – spoiled |


Marvel Comics Review: Amazing X-Men #6 – spoiled |.

Amazing X-Men #1 – Review

Weekly Comic Book Review

By: Jason Aaron (writer), Ed McGuinness (penciler), Dexter Vines (inker), Marte Gracia (colors)

The Story: The X-Men vs. pirate demons. That is all.

The Review: To be honest, “My name is Kurt Wagner. And this is the story of how I fell from Heaven” is one of those instantly intriguing opening statements that writing teachers gush over. It’s a simple trick that only grows more fascinating the more you think about it, dispelling illusions that Nightcrawler survived, implying that there may be a difficult choice ahead for the staunchly Catholic mutant, and even raising questions of whether he falls to Earth or somewhere else.

Before long, Jason Aaron dives into a crash course in Nightcrawler. From the focus of his meditations to the airy joy he displays in rescuing a damsel in distress, Kurt Wagner comes through loud and clear.

While just under half of the issue is dedicated to…

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