The Weekly Editorial: Can The Rhodes Brothers be the next superteam?


The Weekly Editorial: Can The Rhodes Brothers be the next superteam?.


WWE Monday Night Raw 9/30/13….The Rhodes Family Unite

The Rhodes Family Unite!


From A Fan's Perspective

I hope you had a great weekend, it was a great sports weekend for me. I live in Canton, Ohio, so I am a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan, and they won Saturday night. Cleveland Browns upset the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Cleveland Indians made the MLB Postseason yesterday. Ohio sports fans have suffered through alot the last 20 years, maybe we are turning the corner?

But now it’s time for Raw.

Here we go.

We are 6 days away from Battleground, and CM Punk kicks the show off.

October is Cancer Awareness Month, get used to hearing this, because WWE is teaming with Susan G. Komen Foundation all month-long.

Punk is okay with everything that happened last week, because this ends with Punk making Curtis Axel go to sleep. This ends when Punk shows Ryback what truly happens to bullies, and this ends when he finally gets his hands…

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