WWE Zombies

Well it’s that time once again when things go bump in the night. Halloween  has a strange effect on some people-they believe that they have to go all out in scaring others and being scared as well. World Wrestling Entertainment is no exception for as usual they have taken their Superstars and Divas and “transformed” into zombies! Here’ a photo gallery of these grapplers of the squared circle being at their absolute horrifying! Just be glad there’s no such thing as a zombie apocalypse or the human race is done for! Have a safe and happy Halloween!


Following Islamic State beheadings, Busch Gardens removes gory Halloween props – The Washington Post

Following Islamic State beheadings, Busch Gardens removes gory Halloween props – The Washington Post.

Meet the People Who Design the Sexy Pizza Costume and Other Risqué Halloween Gear

Meet the people who design sexy Halloween gear



It was hotter than usual in the halls of lingerie turned sexy Halloween costume provider Yandy’s Phoenix-based office. CEO Chad Horstman had an idea for the popular e-retailer’s next barely-there endeavor, and his staff just wasn’t having it.

“I thought a sexy pizza costume was crazy,” said in-house design representative Pilar Quintana. “I don’t know if any girls want to go out with crust on her shoulders.”

But as the creator of the instantly iconic sexy watermelon costume (complete with midriff baring bite cutout), Horstman knew that the short costume with a cheesy yet seductive “v” and fashion forward crust shoulder pads (stuffed crust or regular? manufacturers tested both!) would be a hit.

“We were both on a diet at the time, so I said let’s make a bet,” he told TIME. If the $70 costume reached a certain sales number, Quintana would have to eat a whole large…

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