scans_daily | The Sensational She-Hulk #50


scans_daily | The Sensational She-Hulk #50.


The Amazing Spider-Man (1988) – #296 : John Byrne

The Amazing Spider-Man #296 (1988)-John Byrne

Cover 2 Cover

The Amazing Spider-Man (1988) - #296 : John Byrne

“Force Of Arms” : Under the influence of a drug which is supposed to shake his catatonic state, Doctor Octopus is besieged by a nightmare in which New York is populated by spider-human hybrids. Doc Ock’s tentacles take control his his unconscious body and break him out of the medical facility.

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Fantastic Four (1982) – #238 : John Byrne

Cover 2 Cover

Fantastic Four (1982) - #238 : John Byrne

“The Lady is For Burning!” : “In an amazing sequence of events from her past to the present, Frankie Raye has become another Human Torch! A bizarre chemical accident while working with her father (aka Professor Phineas Horton, creator of the original android Human Torch) several years ago sparked the incredible transformation! Does the Fantastic Four have a new member now?”

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