Pin Up Girl Vivian Vow WOW WOW!!! By Shelby Waltz Photography

Pin Up Girl Vivian Vow WOW WOW!!! by Shelby Waltz Photography

Sad Man's Tongue - Bar & Bistro - Prague

Pin Up Girl Vivian Vow by Shelby Waltz Photography (5)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photo by Shelby Waltz Photography, Model Vivian Vow

So it would appear that a young lass, Vivian Vow,  enters a a Pin Up Contest in 2013 and ends up taking first place in the Ink’d Out Loud pin-up contest. Grand prize was of course a photo shoot with Hopkinsville, Kentucky based photographer, Shelby Waltz Photography.

Well this new on the scene Pin Up and a fairly new burgeoning photographer who specializes in wedding photography made some magic. While Shelby may specialize in weddings photos and portraits, which she has an abundance of in her portfolio, we would hope she may do some more pin up work in the near future.

Vivian appears to have scored a modeling gig as a result of the photo shoot and appears to be building her own modelling portfolio quite nicely. But this shoot seemed to be just…

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Some Mighty Fine Alley Cats by Roots To Willows Photography

some mighty fine alley cats by roots to willows photography

Sad Man's Tongue - Bar & Bistro - Prague

Pin Up Girl by Roots To WIllows Photography (3)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Sue Sonnenberg of Roots To WIllows Photography, ModelsEsmeralda Mora, and Cherry Colista, taken at The Alley Cat Clothing Store

Based out of Murrieta, California photographer Sue Sonnenberg of Roots To WIllows Photography has a wonderful little set for our feature today. Taken at The Alley Cat Clothing Store in Riverside, California, Esmeralda Mora, and Cherry Colista were just a few of the lovely ladies to participate.

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Cryptkeeper Five out of Trenton, New Jersey with “Gimme Gimme Your Heart.”

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Therése Rosier To Perform At The “Undergrounds” Cabaret Night June 13th

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Therese Rosier to perform at the “Undergrounds” Cabaret Night June 13th

Sad Man's Tongue - Bar & Bistro - Prague

Therése Rosier by Danny Worm (15)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Danny Worm, Model Therése Rosier

Czech internationally Acclaimed Pin Up Artist Therése Rosier really is a triple threat. A talented artist, a gorgeous Pin Up & Alternative model, and Burlesque dancer. Oh, and did we say gorgeous! We have featured her here on quite a few occassions so copy and paste her name into our search to check out the other features.

This talented girl will be participating alongside Stephanie Van der Strumpf, Kote Farhell, Galeb, Scarlett Cissaand others for a night of Cabaret at the “Underground” in Prague. We have met her twice and were so enchanted on both occassions that for the last two weeks every fourth word out of our mouths is Therése Rosier.

We are thinking of ways to get her to Marry us, but would happily settle on her allowing us to carry…

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Stephanie Van Der Strumpf at the “Underground” in Prague

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Stephanie Van Der Strumpf at the “underground” in Prauge

Sad Man's Tongue - Bar & Bistro - Prague

Burlesque Dancer Stephanie Van Der Strumpf (10)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Some Photos by Nikol Obrová Photographer, Model Stephanie van der Strumpf

Beneath the cobblestone streets of Prague and the Lesser Square, and beneath the 15th century facade of The Hard Rock Cafe Prague, lies an 800 year old Gothic Cellar called “The Underground.”

While once famous for the pharmacy that existed in its stoneworks in the 13th century the “Underground” is prescribing a different kind of medicine to help protect you against Friday thr 13th.

Pin Up Girl and Alternative Model Stephanie Van Der Strumpf’s night of Cabaret will be all the medicine you need. Stepahnie is from Prague and her charming personality, which we experienced first hand, will be a delight to see on stage.

Performing On Friday June 13th at 8pm, this is ensured to be a special night. There is a 100czk cover charge for pre reservations and 150czk cover at the…

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Legs Gallery 142 – Paul Dominique Angier Brings Details To Life

Legs Gallery 142

Sad Man's Tongue - Bar & Bistro - Prague

Legs and Nylons Gallery 122 by Paul Dominique Angier (10) by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Paul Dominique Angier of La Fetichería

While beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, photographer Paul Dominique Angier of La Fetichería can bring out the details like no other. While Parisian born Paul is currently living in one of our favorite cities, Barcelona, Spain.

Paul’s photos have us easily believing we can hear the high hills hit the floor, the nylons swishing as they brush by each thigh, and the soft sound of the stockings slowly coming down. Man now we need a smoke!

Paul brings one of our favorite themes to life in his own unique way and special style. While they may appear to be just photographs, a closer look will have you thinking you hear the sounds of bare feet softly walking across a stone floor coming closer to you with each step they take.

Enjoy today’s gallery to…

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