WWE Hall Of Famer, Wrestling Legend Verne Gagne Passes Away At Age 89

WWE Hall Of Famer, Wrestling Legend Verne Gagne Passes Away At Age 89.


The Scottish Wrestling Revolution

The Scottish Wrestling Revolution

Ring the Damn Bell


Gary Henderson

Last month, a capacity crowd of over one thousand rabid Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) fans lost their collective shit as Drew Galloway made his much anticipated return after leaving the WWE.

While it was a massive return for ICW and kicked off a storyline that will likely take them stomping into the New Year (and a new T.V deal by the looks of things), it also felt like a watershed moment for a Scottish wrestling scene on the cusp of big things.

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Jeff Hardy-How The Swanton Was Invented

Kamikaze Pro: Dojo Blog #7

Kamikaze Pro: Dojo Blog #7

The Real Mid Card


Kamikaze Dojo trainers Pete Dunne and Ryan Smile

Just a quick update this week. I’m scaling down my writing across the board, in order to focus all of my time and energy on finding paid work. I don’t want to become a rent boy, but that is looking increasingly likely. Nonetheless, here is what went down this Tuesday!

Ryan and Pete were on hand to help provide a great training session for us all once again. The warm-up was pretty standard, but we didn’t do any stretching before hand. I’m a bit of a stretching enthusiast so I wasn’t big on that, but I didn’t pull any muscles or anything, so it’s no big deal.

After that we did a lot of drills, much more than usual. We practised rolls, bumps, lock-ups, headlocks, and other bits and pieces. But unlike before, we did them all as part of a drill…

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