Fiskens | One Million Years B.C. Poster, 1966

Fiskens | One Million Years B.C. Poster, 1966.


Blast from the Past: Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

I must admit that I not a fan of some of the old school science fiction movies:the plot is weak,the acting terrible,special effects cheesy,etc.etc. I just can’t sit down long enough to enjoy them,but then I learned of the classic 1958 film Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.It has everything suspense,drama,but best of all-a rampaging,out of control 50 foot woman! The film ends in tragedy of course,with the giantess dead and her philandering husband clutched in her hand.

There were many a number of remakes and sequels in the following years but most were forgettable.The closest to match the classic film is DreamWorks 2009 release Monsters vs. Aliens. It featured some of the creatures of yesteryear;a mad scientist,a mutated blob,a missing link,a giant insect,and of course a giantess.

This is only my opinion,but for all it’s worth,I’m glad Hollywood goes back in time to make old movies new again-it gives me an appreciation of what was.

BARBARELLA poster art

Even though I was born in 1975 I can get into a film like Barbarella! It had everything:sci-fi action,laser guns,rocket ships,evil aliens,and of course Jane Fonda. She had some scenes that were considered racy for the 1968 film,but as the saying goes the classics get better with time.My only thing that with something this awesome there isn’t a reboot or a comic book series chronicling her new adventures-perhaps that is to come.