Fantastic Four #382 – Captured! (Issue)

Fantastic Four #382 – Captured! (Issue).


Avengers — Kree/Skrull War!

Avengers-Kree/Skrull War!

Longbox Graveyard

Longbox Graveyard #46

I’m four decades past my own personal comic book Golden Age, so I don’t expect everyone else to attach a lot of importance to many of the books I’ve examined here at Longbox Graveyard. Titles like Ms. Marvel, Micronauts, The Defenders, and Deathlok were obscure in their day — I’ve celebrated them here but I am fully aware few of today’s fans share my enthusiasm for these moldy oldies. But there are some titles from my heyday that I would expect to resonate with “kids these days” — titles with characters that are still active today, with events that form the historic underpinnings of continuing comic book universes.

I thought the AvengersKree/Skrull War was one of those events, especially with an Avengers movie due any day (and with the movie featuring an alien invasion of some sort). But no dice…

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