Thor #356 – The Power and the Pride! (Issue)

Thor #356 – The Power and the Pride! (Issue).


Thor (1985) – #351 : Walter Simonson

Cover 2 Cover

Thor (1985) - #351 : Walter Simonson

“Ragnarok & Roll, Too!” :
“The warriors of Asgard and the Avengers battle the forces of Surtur, and are losing ground, until the arrival of the 82nd Airborne. Thor heads to Asgard to try to stop Surtur. Roger Willis and the Human Torch head to England to try to stop the winters from the Casket. In Asgard, Surtur has defeated Heimdall, and now Thor stands in his way. Frigga is leading the children from Asgard, when they are stopped by a Troll. Back on Earth, shards of color fill the air because Surtur has shattered Bifrost. Enraged, Sif rallies the Einherjar to carry out Bill’s plan. Thor throws his best blows at Surtur to no avail. Surtur defeats him and makes his way towards Asgard, with only Odin standing in his way. “

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