WWE’s Future Plans For Old School Raw, Ryback’s Line About Lilian Garcia, WWE Attendance

WWE’s future plans for old school RAW, Ryback’s line about Lilian Garcia, WWE attendance


– There’s talk of doing the Old School RAW on the Monday in January that the BCS title game takes place every year now.

– There was a lot of backstage talk about Ryback’s line on commentary at Old School RAW where he apologized for his voice being hoarse, and then blamed it on hanging around with Lilian Garcia. As you may know, Lilian has been mocked for years with the idea she’s got a horse face.

– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* January 3rd in Fayetteville, NC drew 5,200 fans
* January 4th in Greensboro, NC drew 8,500 fans
* January 5th in Fairfax, VA drew 4,000 fans
* January 6th in Baltimore for RAW drew 7,000 fans

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Eight WWE Slammy Award Categories Revealed for Next Monday’s RAW Special

The Slammy Awards logo used by WWE since 2010.




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– Here is a list of WWE Slammy Awards categories for next Monday’s show:

* Extreme Moment of the Year
* Insult of the Year
* Double-Cross of the Year
* This Is Awesome Moment of the Year
* LOL! Moment of the Year
* Match of the Year
* Total Diva of the Year
* Superstar of the Year

Fans will vote for the winners on the WWE App.

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What Happened After WWE SmackDown Tapings: William Regal Knocks John Cena Out (Photo)


After today’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Manchester, England, William Regal was introduced as the special referee for the dark main event. Regal came out in a suit and received a huge pop from the crowd.

The dark main event saw John Cena defeat Alberto Del Rio with the World Heavyweight Title on the line. After the match, Regal took the mic and praised Cena before attacking him and laying him out. Cena came back and hit Attitude Adjustments on Regal and ring announcer Tony Chimel. Regal received another huge pop when he left the ring.

Here’s a photo of Regal after knocking Cena out:


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What Happened After Monday’s WWE RAW In Greenville, South Carolina


– After Monday’s WWE RAW in Greenville went off the air, trainers checked on Big Show while Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Randy Orton, Kane and The Shield posed on top of the ramp.

Alberto Del Rio came back out and demanded a World Heavyweight Title shot from John Cena. Cena came out and did a comedy ring introduction for Del Rio before defeating him in a short match with an Attitude Adjustment.

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Major Error During Monday’s WWE Raw Main Event Segment


According to sources in attendance at WWE Monday Night Raw, there was a major production error during the main event segment featuring Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Big Show and The Shield.

As people who saw the show might have noticed, there was an awkward commercial break when Big Show was given his job back by Stephanie McMahon, right after the Shield’s entrance music played. A source in attendance noted that during the break, the ring went dark and Stephanie talked Big Show through a production error. Triple H left the ring, grabbed a headset and looked legitimately upset at something. When they came back from the break, the promo resumed largely as if nothing had happened, and they continued on to the handicap match that saw Big Show face off against Randy Orton and all three members of The Shield, followed by a post match beat down.

It’s not known…

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Raw: The final push towards Hell in a Cell is a good one

Raw: The final push towards Hell in a Cell is a good one.


WWE Monday Night Raw 9/30/13….The Rhodes Family Unite

The Rhodes Family Unite!


From A Fan's Perspective

I hope you had a great weekend, it was a great sports weekend for me. I live in Canton, Ohio, so I am a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan, and they won Saturday night. Cleveland Browns upset the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Cleveland Indians made the MLB Postseason yesterday. Ohio sports fans have suffered through alot the last 20 years, maybe we are turning the corner?

But now it’s time for Raw.

Here we go.

We are 6 days away from Battleground, and CM Punk kicks the show off.

October is Cancer Awareness Month, get used to hearing this, because WWE is teaming with Susan G. Komen Foundation all month-long.

Punk is okay with everything that happened last week, because this ends with Punk making Curtis Axel go to sleep. This ends when Punk shows Ryback what truly happens to bullies, and this ends when he finally gets his hands…

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