Princess Aurora WWE Photoshoot

Princess Aurora WWE Photoshoot.


WWE Zombies

Well it’s that time once again when things go bump in the night. Halloween  has a strange effect on some people-they believe that they have to go all out in scaring others and being scared as well. World Wrestling Entertainment is no exception for as usual they have taken their Superstars and Divas and “transformed” into zombies! Here’ a photo gallery of these grapplers of the squared circle being at their absolute horrifying! Just be glad there’s no such thing as a zombie apocalypse or the human race is done for! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

WWE Star Limping After Raw, Speculation On Layla’s Status, Latest On Ryback Heat, Reddick


– We heard from more than one fan at Monday night’s RAW Country in Nashville who reported that Rey Mysterio was seen limping around the ring and up the ramp after last night’s RAW went off the air.

– No word yet on why Layla wasn’t used on the recent European tour and isn’t included in the 7-on-7 Divas match at Survivor Series. There’s some speculation that she may have injured her knee again but that’s not confirmed. Her last TV match was a 10-Diva tag match on the September 23rd RAW and she hasn’t tweeted since October 17th.

– In a follow-up to recent reports , it’s rumored that Ryback is in the doghouse.

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